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Tree planting is one of the oldest and most efficient carbon capture devices. During the process of photosynthesis, trees pull carbon dioxide from the air and transform it into essential sugars in order to sustain growth. This process also releases oxygen in the air which is essential to humans; this is also an extra and important benefit that trees provide. 

Young trees pull large amounts of carbon dioxide from the air. This means that once trees are planted, carbon capture is already starting and we are already making a difference. As trees grow older, they continue to pull carbon from the air. Older trees and forests pull the least amount of carbon in a trees lifecycle. However, they play an important role in protecting the new tree saplings during the growing process. At the end of a trees lifecycle, it begins to rot at an extremely slow place, withholding all the carbon it has pulled from the atmosphere. 

Overall, tree planting captures carbon throughout its long life and has many side-benefits that greatly benefit the environment and humans as well. As it requires little funding and is accessible by students, it is a great project to undertake. 

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This is Carbon Neutrals first project in the journey to combat carbon emissions and preserving the future. As Carbon Neutral aims to implement new technologies and unique solutions, we will pair tree planting with the use of satellite imaging and artificial intelligence. 

Satellite imaging will be used to detect reforestation sites and places where trees are most desperate. These are the optimal places to plant trees as preserving the forests in Hong Kong would mean that less trees would die and new tree saplings can thrive in a safer environment. Additionally, we will add a program that automatically detects these spots. This will create a more efficient and autonomous process of identifying reforestation areas. Ultimately, implementing these unique solutions opens the simple idea of tree planting and advances it to the next level. 

We will work with Ark Eden (organisation which advocates environment restoration and preservation) in order to plant trees around the Mui Wo area in Hong Kong. We will also have group volunteers from Island School that will go on weekends to plant trees in the areas that Carbon Neutral has identified through satellite imaging and artificial intelligence. 

So far in this project, we have planted over 300+ trees and reforested 5 reforestation areas that we have identified through using new technologies. We are very proud of this achievement and aim to fully reforest Mui Wo before moving on to other parts of Hong Kong. We may also move on the plant young trees (bigger than tree saplings) in the future to promote faster carbon capture. 

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To learn more about the licensed partner we are working with, please visit the official Ark Eden website.

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