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Fertilising Tree Saplings + Visit Planting Sites

On the 9th of April, I had arranged an excursion to Ark Eden with professors and students from HKU’s Division of Landscape Architecture teaching Planting Design and Architecture.

Gavin Coates (Professor from HKU) enjoyed learning about trees and ecosystems which meant that he knew a great deal about the ecosystem of Mui Wo. He told me many different facts and pieces of information about the biodiversity of species in Mui Wo, reforestation as well as tree planting.

Video of me fertilising trees:

One reforestation method that the professor stated was using foreign species in order to expedite the growth of native species. The foreign species could grow faster and more efficiently to create a canopy and shelter the native species as they grow. Eventually when the native species have matured and are able to survive on their own, the foreign species would be cut down.

This method has its merits as it boosts reforestation which is one of the main goals as well as protect the other trees from deforestation. However, one must take into account the biological and ethical concerns that planting a foreign species would have. It could potentially harm Hong Kong's ecosystem as well as harm other species.

From this experience, I had learned a vast amount about the ecosystem of Hong Kong as well as Mui Wo. I enjoyed learning the different reforestation processes as well as about the biodiversity of Hong Kong's species. After having gained these new pieces of knowledge, I believe I was ready to begin planting trees.

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