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Meet the Team

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Jason Qiu, 17, Island School, Hong Kong
Founder and President of Carbon Neutral

Living in a place like Hong Kong, we can easily insulate ourselves from the issue of climate change. We live comfortably in our homes with access to all our luxuries. As someone who is as privileged as myself, I realised I had the responsibility to make a difference. We have the opportunity to explore and help find solutions to these issues. 

I started this journey when I was 16. I wanted to contribute to society and promote the idea of a more sustainable future. I created Carbon Neutral to embrace youth-led projects that combat carbon emissions. The youth are the next generation of humans, we need to advocate sustainable development in order to preserve the future of this planet. 

Ever since I started Carbon Neutral, I have been passionate and dedicated to making my dream come true. Through this experience I hope to make an impact in Hong Kong and in the rest of the world.  

Sam Hui, 16, Island School, Hong Kong
Director of Operations

If we take small actions that contributes towards the betterment of society, all of these actions join up together to become a habit. The effects of climate change are prevalent and devastating: from more extreme weather (heatwaves), natural disasters (tsunamis) etc, there is limited time left for us to take action. Therefore, this is indeed an incredibly urgent issue.


We need to stop global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees celsius before pre-industrial levels as that would mean that our impacts would be irreversible. I hope to continue advocating the issue, launching more initiatives and expanding our current projects to a larger scale, and would love to join Carbon Neutral to reach a wider audience and contribute to the amazing community. 

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Belinda Ng, 23, United Kingdom 
Advisor for Nature-Based Solutions and Strategy Development


Belinda is a passionate environmental advocate and youth change-maker born and raised in Hong Kong. She is a 2021 Geography graduate of the University of Cambridge, and is currently pursuing her Masters in Environmental Technology at Imperial College with the aim of starting a career as a sustainability professional. In the long term, she aspires to continue working towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Driven and committed, Belinda enjoys using her creativity and vision to bring new perspectives and ideas to life. As a student, Belinda has spearheaded initiatives that unite the creative potential of young people to come together to discuss and address social and environmental challenges. 

Nicole Lee, 15, West Island School, Hong Kong
Director of Diversity and Community Outreach, Coding team


Hello! My name is Nicole Lee, a Year 11 student who is passionate in fuelling the vision for diversity, inclusion and equality for all, especially in STEM industries.


As a proactive individual, I take on advocacy positions to empower women, the youth and minority groups to overcome these unequal barriers, in hopes to create a systemic impact in our society. I also am an aspiring coder, learning coding languages in my spare time. I hope to use the knowledge I have gained from coding to teach and inspire others to begin their coding journey! 


I am beyond excited to be volunteering at Carbon Neutral to make a sustainable difference for our environment!

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Min Kyuu Kim, 17, King George V, Hong Kong
Director of Research

Climate change is something we learned since primary school, an issue they hammered into our heads. An issue that accumulates over time, which will have a substantial impact on us in the future. An impact that has affected our generation, an impact that will affect the next generation, an impact that will affect the generation afterwards. 


My name is Min Kyuu Kim, and I am part of the Carbon Neutral programme as I believe that we can make a difference. Through this project, I hope that we can inspire others to be more mindful of their habits and environment. Whether it is a small step or a large step we are able to make with this project, it is a step towards a more sustainable and Carbon Neutral world.

Hannah Wu, 15, Island School, Hong Kong
Director of Communication, Community Outreach

I’d grown up learning about the slow agonising death we were putting our planet through, but I don’t think it really registered how urgent this was until I learned about the fast fashion industry, the oil and gas industry and how much we were really contributing to the deterioration of our world in Year 9. 

 But like many others fighting alongside us, I advocate for a message of hope at Carbon Neutral. Whether it’s through an innovative solution, more youth engagement, education or advocacy work, I hope we can make the planet a cooler, less polluted place through Carbon Neutral.

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Chris Li, 17, Shanghai American School Pudong
Director of China-Division


Growing up in China, where 27% of the world’s total greenhouse gases are emitted, I have both witnessed and, regretfully, contributed towards the exacerbation of this issue.


Upon joining Carbon Neutral, I discovered that we as the youth of the world, as the future generation, all have the ability to combat this issue, whether it be through discrete individual behaviors, or collective influential actions. We must work together for a greener and more sustainable future.


By taking Carbon Neutral into China, I hope not only to expand its core commitment towards reducing and ultimately eliminating carbon emissions regionally, but also to take the necessary steps into launching its mission into the world.

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