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The purpose of Carbon Neutral (CN) is to survey existing frontier technologies and nature-based approaches in carbon capture; explore them through the youth perspective and find which ones can be implemented by Hong Kong youth.

This initiative provides easy to access, evidence-based information about the current climate crisis, the carbon cycle interruptions that drive global heating and new technological solutions that tackle climate change. This web platform also provides updates on the progression of Carbon Neutral through our blogs and information about youth-initiatives on our podcasts. Additionally, we intend to create a community of passionate like-minded people through presentations to different schools on the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as getting students involved through our projects.


Carbon Neutral will also articulate a model on the creation of each of our projects which is easily understood and adaptable to different circumstances. This multi-beneficial model would mean that we would be able to create a bigger impact and further expand our community. 


Carbon Neutral predominantly aims to target the issue of carbon emissions. We strive to create a platform to support youth-led initiatives and help them execute their ideas. We aim to carry out projects that implement unique solutions towards carbon emissions as well as to advocate sustainable development to youth. Carbon Neutral also promotes net-zero initiatives throughout schools in Hong Kong, through teaching the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) created by the UN as well as educating young students about the importance of taking action towards the climate crisis.

We aim to educate the youth on each individual SDG and the causes surrounding them. Additionally, we will also create engaging activities that will hopefully spark interest into students creating SDG projects on their own. Although the SDGs target a wide range of issues in the world, we hope to promote collaboration as each SDG can work cohesively through strategic thinking and innovation. 


New solutions for climate change is what Carbon Neutral looks for. More effective, efficient, innovative ideas that can reduce the effects of climate change and prolong the time left we have on Earth. Collectively, we hope to create the future of climate change solutions and implement them all around the world.


As youth are the next generation of the human race, we are given an opportunity. We are given the opportunity to create a more sustainable future as well as to preserve the environment for the next generation. This is a huge task! However, collectively working together as a big team, making our voices and ideas heard, we can lead the rest of mankind to a more sustainable future. 


Bright young minds working cohesively and cultivating unique new brilliant ideas that can make the process of tackling climate change more efficient and innovative. 


By the end of the day, the youth today are going to be the leaders of tomorrow. We are eventually going to change the world. Implementing the ideas of sustainable development at a young age would mean that we are more equipped and motivated to combat climate change as we grow older.

By: Jillian Lui

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